Online demand generation

Lead generation, a marketing term that is becoming more and more populair, refers to the process of creating and generating interest for your products or services among potential customers. In this definition, potential customers can be perceived as individuals who are searching for information in order to fulfill a specific (information) need.

What is online demand generation?

You can create a positive company image among potential customers by offering them valuable information and knowledge: relevant content like whitepapers, reference cases or business cases. While traditional marketing activities are primarily aimed at products or services, whitepapers – particularly within the IT industry – mostly have the intention of offering a solution to a problem. This means no specifications and presentations in the form of brochures, demos and info sheets, but substantive whitepapers that help end users in choosing the right solution for their problem.

A whitepaper is an article in which a company shares its knowledge and experience and, while doing so, helps its potential customers in choosing the right solution or service. Individuals who are interested in a whitepaper can download the document – often in exchange for their contact details – and obtain more information about the subject in this way. The company that publishes the whitepapers demonstrates its expertise in a specific field and has the possibility to approach potential customers who have left behind their contact details.

By providing prospects with your knowledge they become a more interesting party to get in touch with. At the same time, it gives you the opportunity to distinguish yourself from your competitors by positioning yourself as a knowledge partner. Whitepaper marketing can be perceived as a form of “soft selling.” It is an excellent way for you as a vendor or service provider of IT, marketing or business solutions to build up a relationship with potential customers.

Organizations are becoming more and more aware of the fact that they can get a prospect to buy their product or service by teaching them something. Because of this awareness, it has been a trend over the last couple of years that an increasing percentage of the marketing budgets of organizations is being spend on whitepaper marketing.

Lead definition

An end user / consultant that has a specific need for information and uses the online platforms of Marqit (or that of a partner) to download a whitepaper, business/reference case is considered a lead. The visitor is aware of the fact that his or her contact information will be sent to the supplier of the document they choose to download. You have the possibility to deliver a list with 10 competitors & partners; these will not be qualified as leads. Apart from competitors & partners, students and false contact details will not be considered as leads either.