Our solutions

For every problem a solution and for every challenge a strategy. Whether you want to increase your brand awareness, generate leads or you are in search of new talent. Jaarbeurs IT Media helps you to meet your business needs.

Brand Awareness

How well does your target group know your brand? Is your target group aware of your whole range? Is your brand the first your target group thinks of when searching for a suitable solution to their problem? Are you truly top-of-mind? If not, we offer you the opportunity of presenting your offering to the appropriate target group within the appropriate context through our extensive portfolio and broad reach. For example, through use of online display, placing an advertisement in our magazine, advertising in our digital newsletters, or attendance at one of our live events.  

Lead generation

Lead generation entails collecting and accessing the details of your potential clients. Or rather, those seeking information to fulfil specific (informational) needs. Establish contact with your potential clients at an early stage of the purchasing process through use of content marketing and attendance at our live events. That way, we can distribute your white papers via our broad network of substantive online platforms, you can deliver a seminar at one of our live events and we offer you numerous opportunities for generating leads via trade fair participation.  

Building relationships

Successful B2B marketing revolves around establishing and maintaining relationships. Events are an ideal way to meet new contacts and further develop relationships with your existing clients. After all, this involves face-to-meetings. By participating in one of our events, you come into direct contact with your target group and we offer you the opportunity of improving your brand image, gaining exposure and generating leads. And with our unique MyExpo online preparation tool, your event participation is not limited to one or two days; MyExpo enables you – via content marketing – to generate online exposure and leads efficiently prior to, during and after the event.  

Employer branding

IT professionals once searched for new jobs themselves. However, the demand for experienced and well-trained IT professionals has grown enormously and employers are experiencing difficulty filling open positions. Today, it is a candidate market and the roles have been reversed: a talented IT professional does not look for a job, but is found. We would like to help you position your organization as an attractive ICT employer and find new colleagues. How about your job offer on ICTwerkt.nl, sharing sponsored content via Computable, your advertorial in the Computable Career Guide or a completely custom-made non-spot campaign?  

Thought Leadership

Are you an authority in your field? Do you know everything about the market and the needs of your target group? Then your expertise is worth its weight in gold! Because if your target group also regards you as the market expert, not only are you more likely to be top-of-mind, you are also better placed to establish a relationship of trust with your (potential) client. We offer you an opportunity to share your expertise and increase the visibility of your organisation in the most relevant way via our network. Amongst others, through exclusive sponsorship of a specific topic, as well as sharing your expertise with the target group through white papers and sponsored content. The options also include a completely custom-made non-spot campaign.